All roads lead to Rome

April 26, 2007 at 1:27 pm (folk music, Rochester, Tundra, Wicker Man)

Last week I went for a quiet drink at The Man of Kent in Rochester – a fine alehouse. I was moderately disappointed to see some musicians setting up their equipment, wishing to talk with my companions rather than listen to music. However, in the sort of coincidence that proves that there is no such thing as a coincidence, it turned out to be Doug Hudson and Ian Cutler.

A few months ago a very good friend of mine gave me a copy of a magnificent record of Kentish hop-picking songs by a group called Tundra – a folk outfit of the late Seventies, early Eighties led by Doug Hudson who collected and recorded a number of local Kentish songs. But the real surprise came when I realised that Ian Cutler is a former member of the band Magnet (who recorded the Wicker Man soundtrack)! So there IS a Wicker Man connection with Rochester, not dark and sinister, but joyous and magnificent. The mists are parting and some fragments of the jigsaw are being revealed.

In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. The dogma of science is that the will cannot possibly affect external forces, and I think that’s just ridiculous. It’s as bad as the church. My viewpoint is the exact contrary of the scientific viewpoint. I believe that if you run into somebody in the street it’s for a reason. Among primitive people they say if someone was bitten by a snake he was murdered. I believe that.
W. S. Burroughs

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