Everything about him is cursed, his brain, his hair…

March 12, 2007 at 1:06 pm (curses, excommunication, Rochester Cathedral, torture)

More from Arthur Mee (THE KINGS ENGLAND – Kent – The Gateway of England and its Great Possessions – Arthur Mee – Hodder and Stoughton 1947) p377

The Textus Roffensis (The Book of Rochester – a register of the cathedral) It comes from the episcopacy of Ernulf, so that it is more than 800 years old. It was presumably written by a scribe in the monastery, perhaps Humphrey the Precentor.

[It includes] “…special masses to be used for ordeals by water and by fire, with directions for carrying out the ordeals.”

Surely never was there heard such a terrible curse as Ernulf found in these pages, for the unhappy evildoer is cursed by the Holy Trinity, the archangels, the patriarchs and prophets; he is cursed living and dying, eating and drinking, in his hunger and in his thirst, in his sleeping and in his waking, in his walking and in his standing, in his working and in his resting. Everything about him is cursed, his brain, his hair, his eyes, his mouth, his legs and arms, and every part of him no foregetting even his nails. “Fiat, fiat, Amen,” end this famous (or infamous) curse lying in these books for 800 years with nobody one penny the worse.”

So the Cathedral – beautiful and impressive a creation as it is, has it’s roots steeped in the blood of those drowned and burned in its name. No doubt these Homeland Security measures against the witchywisdom of the day seemed reasonable – but amid the welter of torture and ecclesiastical murder they failed to notice what Arthur Mee did – that the text of this excommunication is nothing but a curse – as satanic as anything they hoped to combat. Like imprisonment without trial being used to promote “freedom” – damning a soul in the name of Christ’s mercy is a circle that cannot be squared.

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