A rummage in the knickers of the Medway Towns with a view to uncovering signs of the endless Occult War fought across the landscape.

It’s brilliant and I think a true example of cryptotopography – a notion I floated when we were working on Remapping High Wycombe – but here I think we have the truest example.” – John Rogers


  1. Mogass Date said,

    I love this website but it will break my heart.

    • hiddenmedway said,

      Why will it break your heart?

  2. pammie said,

    Hey I have just found this site I am amazed that someone in Medway would know what 93 means 🙂

  3. Earl_Of_Rochester said,

    Sir Thomas Dashwood I assume?

    • hiddenmedway said,

      …or even Sir Francis Dashwood.

  4. pammie said,

    I always though Strood subway was a little like the Hell Fire Club 🙂

  5. pammie said,

    So there really is a Vampire buried in the Cathedral 🙂

  6. Jo-Ann Newton said,

    why did this website seem to stop after 2011 (from what I can see)? It’s wonderful! Weird and informative, speculative and mystical. I want more!

    • hiddenmedway said,

      That’s very kind of you. Other projects intervened and gained greater significance – perhaps I shall revivify the activity now I know someone is actually reading it.

  7. Ruth said,

    Hello I’m trying to track down the writer of this blog – can you contact me if you are still checking this? Thanks

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