Limehouse Reach

June 30, 2009 at 10:42 am (Medway, River, Rochester, tides)

So, it's a long good-bye to Limehouse Reach, And a last good-bye to you; A fella's a fool to die for love, Which I don't mean to do; There's girls as sharp in every port From here to Cal-la-o:

"So, it's a long good-bye to Limehouse Reach/And a last good-bye to you/A fella's a fool to die for love, Which I don't mean to do/ There's girls as sharp in every port From here to Cal-la-o"

I walked Rochester’s Riverside Walk between Doust Way and Cory’s Creek. Less than a mile long it was closed down shortly after its initial opening when all the railings were nicked overnight.

Eventually it will be engulfed in new housing but now it wears the air of indecision.

Looking across Limehouse reach I watch oystercatchers mob a crow above a barge that has lost the fight against entropy and is blurring the space between identity and landscape.  Shedding off the pain of individualism and merging with Medway.

A wild eyed man walks past talking to himself. These days the adroit schitzophrenic just needs to get equipped with a Bluetooth headset and lose himself among a thousand estate agents with gelled hair and fat purple ties.

Perhaps it’s better to be feared than to be despised.

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Been away…

June 27, 2009 at 5:34 pm (curses, Medway, occult, pagan, witchcraft)

found object

found object

Recently I noticed an upsurge in interest for this site, which got me to thinking about why I’ve been neglecting it so much.

Mainly it was a niggling doubt that’s been going round my mind after finding this artefact (see picture) near my front doorstep shortly after some speculative posts I had made.

It kerbed my interest in the mysterious for a while – I haven’t been able to identify it – but it appears to be a series of occult symbols/runes/enochian/mystery language inscribed on a bone in brown ink or possibly…. pause for a shudder… blood.

That combined with ill health and some personal setbacks (which I hope are all coincidental) I’ve had less time on my hands. I hope to make this a summer of exploration though and will do my best to make some more regular additions.

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