February 28, 2007 at 10:25 am (maypole, phallic, Rochester, Yggdrasil)

Since blundering into the idea of viewing the place where I live through an occult filter, I am already seeing something solid in the conjecture of another layer, usually invisible to the naked eye. This hidden layer is already beginning to reveal itself, subtley.

My impression that this would be largely a theoretical exercise in booklearning and the suspicious murk of deep topography has already been challenged. Yesterday, while setting off for the Post Office, I found what I can only describe as a ‘wreathed lingham’ at the top of Crow Lane in Rochester.

The wreathed lingham or phallus most often appears in English tradition as the maypole – a Northern-European germanic tradition linked to forest worship and Yggdrasil the tree of life. I seem to have found a makeshift pagan ritual site right on the main road.

In the woods there grew a tree
And a fine fine tree was he

And on that tree there was a limb
And on that limb there was a branch
And on that branch there was a nest
And in that nest there was an egg
And in that egg there was a bird
And from that bird a feather came
And of that feather was
A bed

And on that bed there was a girl
And on that girl there was a man
And from that man there was a seed
And from that seed there was a boy
And from that boy there was a man
And for that man there was a grave
From that grave there grew
A tree

In the Summerisle,
Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle wood
Summerisle wood.


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  1. ColdSlab said,

    That such a specific Beltane ritual should be appearing so early in the year can only plausibly be an example of the havoc wreaked on the planet by global warming. If paganism and heathenism are nature ‘religions’, it seems only reasonable that they should follow in the disfunctional wobbles that the natural world is experiencing and react according to the distorted seasons rather than the manmade calendar.

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